The Fun and Challenging Aspects of Working for a Startup

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Max Paulk - GO Full Time


My name is Max Paulk and I am an Avionics Integrations Engineer for GO. Starting as an Intern with the company, back when we were just 9 strong (including us 3 interns at the time), really gave me an opportunity to see the company at an early age, and allowed me to participate heavily in a “startup”. Now 13 strong and in a new office, we are moving faster than ever, forging the future of flight as we pave our way forward.

The Fun

Startups (and GO in particular) are different from the long-standing, massively large corporations. Shortly before I joined GO I had just turned down a position with a multi-billion dollar corporation in a role that aligned heavily with what I had earned my degree in. The word interview, in layman’s terms, means to learn about each other. Typically what I found during interviews with larger companies, was that the larger the company, the more one-sided the interview became. Part of the reason I turned down the aforementioned position was because a 6 hour interview I participated in did not leave me feeling positive about moving forward.

Not only was the interview with GO just…different (I brought a homemade “music making” machine in to showcase my interest in Embedded Systems), but everyone that I’d be working with was present, involved, and giving just as much as they were taking. Since day one it’s been a valiant effort of teamwork and goal driven success. I’ve been given the gift to be able to share what I know, and to learn so much from the people I work with, and I’m honored just to be a part.

The Challenging

We’re all boiling in the melting pot (haha). It’s not as bad as it may sound, although it’s every bit as intense. We’re dealing with complex systems in harsh environments, so the nature of the work itself is challenging; but, to add to it, since we are a startup – a small group of interconnected individuals – we all rely on each other’s work and achievements to move forward and make progress on our own. Teamwork is essential, and we all wear many hats, multiple times a day, every single day.

While there’s plenty of information to draw on out there, sometimes we are paving our own way in uncharted territory – which not only takes making a few mistakes, but having the courage to do so. It’s a learning process, and I think the important thing to take away here is the progress that has been, and continues to be, made on a daily basis.


Startups are for those who enjoy what they do because it takes passion and commitment. It’s for people who can’t help but relate what they do for ‘work’ to other everyday situations.  Startups take an individual, but they also takes a village. Startups are for those who can be counted on, because they will definitely be called upon. You can find these types of people here at GO.

Set GOLS, and GO Boldly.


Max Paulk.

Avionics Integrations Engineer.

Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc.