March 20, 2014 – GO Workshop Operational

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Hardware development at Generation Orbit has been proceeding at a furious pace since we acquired workspace three weeks ago. We are currently using the space to develop actuated fins, non-pyrotechnic stage separation devices, and a low cost reaction control system (RCS). I am currently working on the RCS which will be used to maneuver the vehicle during coast and payload release when the main engine is shutdown. This week I built a prototype of a two thruster RCS block and, after making the measurements necessary to confirm that it was performing as predicted, mounted it on a turn table. A video of the fun we had playing with this setup can be seen here. Future work on the RCS system will include continued research into modifying and certifying COTS items for use on our vehicle, construction of a complete, eight thruster, RCS unit, and further electronics and instrumentation development.