July 21st, 2014 – Leaving the Nest and Learning to Fly

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Over the course of a couple months, we have architected, designed, built, and tested a set of flight hardware experiments in preparation for our first flight test to be conducted by the end of July. These experiments include a CubeSat payload mass model, propellant slosh experiment, and wireless telemetry data connection. In addition, we’ve put together a custom data acquisition system and set of flight test engineer stations to control and monitor the test in the air. Our “make-it-happen” team for this effort is comprised of Alex, Kevin (gratefully borrowed from SpaceWorks), and our intern, James. The fruits of their labor are truly extraordinary, especially considering the quick 8 week lead time for this test. Everyone here at GO and our extended SpaceWorks family are very excited to get this first flight under our belt.

Soon after this flight, we’ll be moving to a new location, enabling us to advance our capabilities and continue to grow. We look forward to a new collaborative workspace and a larger workshop that permits increased means of machining, experimenting, and testing of launch system hardware for the GOLauncher family of vehicles. Some would say that the most alluring upside is its proximity to a nationally recognized ethnic food area, Buford Highway… there goes our lunch budget…

Whether it be our first flight or moving to a new office, big things are happening at GO with no signs of slowing down!

GO Boldly,