Future GOLauncher Concepts

Generation Orbit’s roadmap for low cost space access centers around our GOLauncher family of launch systems. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs and requirements of the satellite launch industry, especially the smaller end of the payload scale.

GO was one of the first NewSpace companies to recognize and respond to the emerging need for dedicated launch of small payloads. Small satellites and CubeSats are revolutionizing the utility of outer space. Our GOLaunchers will help get them there.
We believe air launch is the key. Air launch offers weather avoidance, use of non-traditional airports and launch ranges, flexible launch azimuths, offset launch, and broader launch windows. Our GOLauncher 2 and GOLauncher 3 air launch concepts will serve customers in the small satellite launch industry with fast, affordable, and responsive launch options from a variety of global launch sites. Generation Orbit is partnered with leading suppliers, developers, and horizontal spaceports that share our vision.

GOLauncher 2

Our smallest orbital launcher, the GOLauncher 2 consists of a modified Gulfstream IV business jet as the carrier aircraft platform for a two-stage expendable rocket. GO2 targets the Nanosatellite and CubeSat markets with payloads up to 40 kg to Low Earth Orbit at a price point of under $3M for the entire launch. Partial launches can also be accommodated.

Selected by NASA under the 2013 NASA NEXT program, GOLauncher 2 and its development partners also formed the basis of our win at the 2013 NewSpace Business Plan Competition.

GOLauncher 3 Mini

GOLauncher 3 mini is the next step on our roadmap. Utilizing a larger, transport-class carrier aircraft like the DC-10, the GO3 mini will include an all liquid rocket capable of delivering up to 150 kg of payload to sun synchronous orbit (SSO). This capability would accommodate dedicated launch of single small satellites – those in the Skybox or OneWeb class. The target price for GO3 mini is approximately $5M.

The GO3 mini is currently in preliminary design.



GOLauncher 3 Heavy

GOLauncher 3 heavy is the larger of our two GO3 configurations. Growing the rocket to the limits of the carrier aircraft will allow us to reduce our bulk price per kg of payload while still offering the flexibility of air launch from multiple launch sites. With an all-liquid rocket, GO3 heavy will be capable of delivering nearly 500 kg to sun synchronous orbits at price goal of under $30,000/kg.

The GO3 heavy is currently in preliminary design.




GOLauncher Next represents our vision for highly responsive space access for small payloads up to 1,000 kg or global delivery of payloads up to 3,000 kg. Built around advanced combined-cycle propulsion and reusable high temperature structures, the GONext is being positioned to significantly reduce the cost of space launch and ultra high-speed point-to-point (PTP) flight while preserving the advantages of horizontal launch, basing flexibility, responsiveness, and aircraft-like operations.

The concept pictured here is just one option for GOLauncher Next.