GO Flight Experiments Testbed (GO FET)

Flight testing is a critical component of any complex flight vehicle or spacecraft development effort. Our GO FET platform is an affordable captive carry testbed inside a wing-mounted store on a Learjet 35 carrier aircraft. GO FET offers a range of available experiment locations, flight profiles, external and internal flow conditions, and structural load cases.

GO FET Overview

The GO Flight Experiments Testbed (GO FET) is a captive carry flight platform for experimentation, demonstration, and qualification of technologies and operational procedures relevant to aerospace applications. The Learjet aircraft cabin accommodates work stations for flight test engineers with wired connections to the customer’s payload experiments in the wing mounted pod via GO’s custom data acquisition and payload interface system. Testbed applications include technology maturation, horizontal space launch loads assessment, mock payload release trajectories, launch range integration testing, avionics hardware test, and GN&C software qualification.

For flight inquiries, please contact us at sales@golauncher.com

Payload Accommodation and Capability


  • Aircraft – Learjet 35
    • Service Ceiling: 45,000 ft
    • Maximum Speed: 300 KIAS below 14,000 ft, 350 KIAS above 14,000 ft
    • Range: 2,000 nmi


  • Custom flight plans based on customer requirements
    • 2 to 3 hours sortie duration
    • Wide range of non-aerobatic maneuvers
    • Global operations


  • Pod Internal Configuration
    • Payload volume: 6.5" diameter, 96" length
    • Payload mass: 100+ lbm
    • Power management and distribution
    • Analog and digital data acquisition system, 4.8 kHz and 250 kHz sampling rates, scalable on-board storage


  • Flight Test Engineer Stations
    • GUI for plotting live down-sampled data from DAQ
    • In-flight voice recording
    • Aircraft-to-ground communications link


For more details, review the GO FET Payload Users Guide.


Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) completed a third successful test flight of its GO Flight Experiments Testbed (GO-FET) today in Cartersville, GA. The GO-FET provides a captive carry flight-test platform for maturing new small spacecraft and nanolauncher technologies including avionics, GN&C, thermal, ground and space communication, loads & vibrations, and exposure to high altitude atmospheric conditions. 

Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) completed a second flight of its GO-Flight Experiments Testbed (GO-FET). The flight test is a key milestone on the company’s roadmap to develop affordable air-launched rocket systems for access to space and for hypersonic flight research.

Highlights of the maiden flight of the GO Flight Experiment Testbed from Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville, FL on July 30, 2014. The flight test demonstrated our custom-built data acquisition system and flight test engineering stations, as well as aspects of operational horizontal space launch activities including spaceport procedures and a set of high altitude launch maneuvers.

GO FET STEM Outreach Program



At Generation Orbit, we strongly believe in offering relevant hands-on experiences for students interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Through our GO FET platform, we offer high school student design teams the opportunity to design and build a 1U CubeSat and test it in flight. Compared to actual space launch, the CubeSat hardware and GO FET flight test experience is very affordable. GO FET can accommodate COTS electronics solutions, simple GPS and ambient flight sensors, and 3D printed structural chassis that reduce barriers to participation and open this experience to all students.

For inquires related to our GO FET STEM Outreach Program, contact: info@golauncher.com