Generation Orbit Completes GOLauncher 1 Preliminary Design Review

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Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) is pleased to announce the successful completion of Preliminary Design Review for the GO1 hypersonic and suborbital testbed. The milestone marks the completion of two design cycles for the system over the course of six months, as well as the transition to detailed design and prototyping activities. These activities include a full-scale engineering development unit for integration, ground testing and validation, along with an inert test article for aircraft integration and flight testing.

“We’re very happy with where our metrics for the vehicle stand as we press forward with design, hardware procurement, software development, and integration” commented A.J. Piplica, Chief Operating Officer at GO. “Progress on the engineering development unit and inert test article in the coming months will allow us to evaluate GO1 against our customers’ needs and demonstrate the functionality of the integrated vehicle.”

Development of GO1 remains on schedule to provide a unique flight test capability to the hypersonic and suborbital research communities. The system will enable long-duration, affordable access to high Mach number, endoatmospheric flight conditions necessary for maturing technologies, components, and subsystems relevant to high speed system architectures for both government and commercial applications.