Generation Orbit Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

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Atlanta, April 28, 2016 – Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) marked five years in business on April 25th of this year. GO was launched in 2011 as a subsidiary company of SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI). Since then, it has grown into a thriving business. GO is dedicated to creating fast, flexible, and affordable launch options for the small satellite community.


Currently GO is focused on building the GOLauncher 1 (GO1), which is a high speed testbed for research and development of hypersonic systems. GO also recently signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). This will allow GO and LaRC to collaboratively pursue the design, manufacture, and test of a novel composite cryogenic tank as an evolutionsary path for the GOLauncher family of air launch rocket vehicles.


GO is appreciative of the support of their colleagues, customers, and partners and is looking forward to the exciting things the next five years and beyond will bring. For more information on GO, please visit