February 6, 2015 – Flow Boldly.

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After a long couple of months, our technical team here at GO is proud to have begun integrated testing of our GO Transfer Stage (GOTS) engineering development unit. When we set out in December to design, build, and test a small, low-cost transfer stage prototype for our GOLauncher 2 vehicle in just a few months, we weren’t really sure what we were about to discover. Between designing and fabricating custom avionics boards, designing and manufacturing a rocket engine, and instrumenting and assembling propellant feed systems, all in-house, we have encountered just about every type of problem known to aerospace engineering. Fortunately, everyone in our tight-knit team has quickly become an expert in creative problem solving and we have been able to complete our stage assembly and checkout procedures on time.

While the last few weeks have redefined what “busy” means, we have all obtained a unique perspective on how streamlined engineering processes can be used to rapidly develop aerospace products. It is becoming clearer to us as a company that focusing on proven technologies, designing for manufacture and inspection, and reducing costs through simplicity and production rates will allow us to produce aerospace products at game-changing price points. While the overall scale of the GOTS is significantly smaller than our other vehicles, the lessons we are learning on a daily basis from stage integrating and testing have already helped guide design aspects of our GO1 and GO2 vehicles.

Below are some more pictures of our GOTS and a video of our most recent cold-flow engine test:





We are hoping to keep progressing through our test program and get our first few GOX/CH4 hot-fire tests in before the end of the month. Be sure to keep checking out our blog for updates!

GO Boldly.