February 24, 2014 – We’re growing!

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Yet again, a busy few weeks for us recently, but we’ve had some great successes to show for it. We’ve moved forward quickly from GOLauncher 2’s SRR at the end of last month, growing along the way. We welcomed our newest employee, Alex Adams, as he joined the GO team from his home state of California. That gives us three corners of the US so far: Maine, Florida, and southern California. Look out Washington, we’re recruiting heavily on your streets this spring. Alex brings a great deal of enthusiasm and a keen engineering skill set to our team. I look forward to sharing some of his work shortly.


While we’ve been working diligently within the comfy confines of our parent company’s offices since we started our adventure a few years ago, we’ve finally hit a critical mass that has pushed us to take a big step forward. Last week we expanded into our own dedicated space. It may be small, it may be spartan, there may be games of hangman left on the walls, but it’s ours. Our culture continues to evolve as we begin developing hardware elements of GOLauncher 2 including flight control systems, separation systems, and actuation systems. Soon we’ll be rolling those development efforts into integrated systems tests as software components are completed along side. Didn’t take long for us to feel at home. Now if those lab coats would just come in already, we’d be ready to get to work.

GO Boldly.