Skyler Shuford

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Mr. Skyler Shuford serves as the Lead Guidance, Navigation, and Control Engineer at Generation Orbit. In this capacity, Mr. Shuford leads design, simulation, and testing of the guidance, navigation, and control system for the GOLauncher family of vehicles. He is also responsible for the definition, design, development, and verification of flight and ground support software. Previously, Mr. Shuford was Deputy Lead of Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Lunar Lion, a team competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize during his graduate studies at Penn State. He led control algorithm development while building, programming, and testing a quadcopter to serve as a controller testbed. In addition, he provided support to rocket testing, computer vision, and lunar simulation projects. Mr. Shuford also has technical and leadership industry experience with established, longstanding aerospace companies, including Northrop Grumman and SpaceX.  Mr. Shuford holds a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering with a Computational Science minor from Pennsylvania State University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Music from California Polytechnic State University.