Caleb Phillips

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Mr. Caleb Phillips is an Embedded Systems Engineer at Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. His primary responsibility is the design and integration efforts of development and in-flight hardware.

His path with unmanned systems began in 2006 after discovering the remote control helicopter hobby and joining his school’s Aerial Robotics Team. While working towards his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech, he began work with a local UAS company, Aerotonomy Inc., as their crew-chief and avionics integrator. At Aerotonomy, Mr. Phillips worked to design, build, and fly complex UAS systems for researching aeroelasticity, damaged wings, and dynamic CG. Upon completion of his degree, Mr. Phillips began working at Area-I Inc. where he served as the crew-chief of flight test programs and lead avionics engineer, amongst other roles. His tenure with Area-I lasted 5 years where he helped to develop a number of complex vehicles ranging from 190 lb. carbon-composite jets to small tube-launched UAV’s being deployed from military transport planes.