A.J. Piplica

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Mr. Anthony J. Piplica is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. Mr. Piplica is responsible for a wide range of technical systems design and analysis, strategic technical and financial planning, fostering of customer and partner relationships, and securing financing to fund near-term research and development efforts. He is also currently a member of the Advanced Concepts Group with the Engineering division of SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. He has a strong background in aerospace systems design, including spacecraft, launch vehicles, and hypersonic aircraft. Specific projects led by Mr. Piplica include design and analysis of air-launched rocket concepts and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies in support of Air Force Research Laboratory Reusable Booster System. Further, his past experience includes work for Jacobs Engineering at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in the Aerothermal and Flight Dynamics Group. Along with his diverse technical background, his blend of business skills helps support GO in both strategic decision making and interfacing with customers and investors. Mr. Piplica holds both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology focused in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, supplemented by a certificate in entrepreneurship. Additionally, he is a member of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).