December 8, 2014 – Congratulations Orion!

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First, congratulations to the entire NASA, Lockheed, and ULA team on the successful flight test of Orion this weekend! Well done, and all of us here at Generation Orbit wish you continued successes.

We’ve been quite busy here at GO since our first test flight at Cecil Spaceport in July. Recent work has focused on the GOLauncher 1 configuration for suborbital and hypersonic test. Our Air Force sponsors have been very pleased with our work to date, and we are hoping to continue that GO1 project next year.

On the hardware side, our engineering team has begun to focus on the kick stage/transfer stage design for GO2. Prototyping work is already underway in the GO workshop, and we hope to post some technical progress here soon. We are also working to fly a second captive-carry flight of the GO-FET under the Learjet in the late spring.

Competition in the dedicated Nanosat/CubeSat launcher market is certainly starting to heat up. There have been several new entrants entering the field in the last several months to compete with our GOLauncher 2. We welcome the competition as it highlights what we all perceive as a growing market segment for launching very small satellites. Of course, secondary launch opportunities (brokered and offered by NASA, NanoRacks and others) remain a strong and low-cost incumbent option for satellite developers as well. Is the sub-100 lb market still the sweet spot, or is the market growing to larger satellites? That’s the question of the day. We’ll have to see how it all plays out over the next couple of years.

GO Boldy,