Zach Pitts

Zachary J. Pitts is a Mechanical Engineer II at Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. located in Atlanta Ga. Mr. Pitts’ main responsibilities revolve around the design, analysis, procurement, and testing of structural components for air-launch rocket vehicles. A strong hands-on approach to design, a background in fabrication, and traditional machining processes provides him with a […]

Caleb Phillips

Mr. Caleb Phillips is an Embedded Systems Engineer at Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. His primary responsibility is the design and integration efforts of development and in-flight hardware. His path with unmanned systems began in 2006 after discovering the remote control helicopter hobby and joining his school’s Aerial Robotics Team. While working […]

Orion Wingfield

Orion Wingfield is a Mechanical Engineer at Generation Orbit Launch Services. His primary responsibilities are the design, analysis, integration, and testing of ground and flight hardware. Orion previously worked at Butler America, supporting Sikorsky aircraft as a stress analysis engineer. At Butler, he supported static and fatigue analysis for metallic and composite airframe structures, gained […]

Michael Smayda

Dr. Michael Smayda serves as the Director of Systems Engineering at Generation Orbit and is responsible for the vehicle systems design and integration for the GOLauncher family of vehicles. Previously Dr. Smayda worked at SpaceX as a Senior Aerodynamics Engineer on an assortment of problems related to ascent and reentry/landing of the Falcon 9v1.1, Falcon […]

David Lambeth

David M Lambeth joined Generation Orbit as a Senior Flight Software Engineer. Prior to his position with Generation Orbit, David worked for Lockheed Martin in California for ten years on navigation, guidance, and flight software for hypersonic reentry vehicles and long-range missile interceptors. In 2016 he designed and tested flight control systems for Zipline International, […]

Skyler Shuford

Mr. Skyler Shuford serves as the Director of Avionics and Software at Generation Orbit. In this capacity, Mr. Shuford leads the group’s design, development, integration, and test of flight and ground electronics hardware and software for the GOLauncher family of vehicles. Previously, Mr. Shuford was Deputy Lead of Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Lunar Lion, a team competing […]

Glenn Case

Mr. E. Glenn Case IV serves as the Director of Propulsion and Structures at Generation Orbit. Mr. Case is responsible for a host of tasks including the design, analysis, manufacture, and integration of launch vehicle primary and secondary structures, fluid systems, and propulsion systems. Previously, Mr. Case worked at Blue Origin as a Propulsion Design and […]

John R. Olds, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. John R. Olds is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. Dr. Olds is also the founder and currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Principal Engineer of SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI). Dr. Olds has over 20 years of experience in the aerospace sector, including positions in private consulting, large aerospace […]

A.J. Piplica

Mr. Anthony J. Piplica is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. Mr. Piplica is responsible for a wide range of technical systems design and analysis, strategic technical and financial planning, fostering of customer and partner relationships, and securing financing to fund near-term research and development efforts. He is also currently a member […]