Generation Orbit is changing the future of space launch and hypersonic flight. At GO (we pronounce our name “go”), we believe that flying higher and faster are technical challenges worthy of the space generation. We are a passionate company of inventors, creators, and builders with near term goals and long-term dreams for space and atmospheric flight.

GO Boldly!



Generation Orbit is developing the GOLauncher family, a series of high speed flight and space launch systems designed to lower costs, improve responsiveness, and increase overall mission flexibility.
We are currently building the GOLauncher 1 (GO1), a high-speed flight testbed for research and development of hypersonic systems. Hypersonics is the next great frontier of atmospheric flight. Capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 7 with a test payload attached, our GO1 development is supported by key partnerships at NASA and the US Air Force. GOLauncher 1 will also be used to fly high altitude suborbital research missions.
Our GO Flight Experiments Testbed (GO FET) is available today. GO FET is an extremely affordable captive-carry flight testbed for advancing the technology readiness level (TRL) of small CubeSats, avionics, communications, and propellant handling technologies in a flight environment. GO FET is flight proven and available to support your next flight test project.
Going forward, our future GOLaunchers will contribute to more affordable and flexible launch options for small satellites.


Generation Orbit and NASA Complete GO1-ITA Captive Carry Flight Test Program

Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) has completed the GO1 Inert Test Article captive carry flight test program. Under a public-private partnership with NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, GO developed the GO1-ITA, a mass properties and outer mold line simulator for the GO1 hypersonic flight testbed and earned NASA airworthiness approval for flight on NASA’s […]

Generation Orbit Summer 2017 Intern Spotlight

As summer winds down and the fall semester begins, we wanted to take a minute to recognize the four amazing students that interned with us this summer semester: Philippa Pinnington, Brandon Tehan, Michaela Spaulding, and Jeffrey Allar. They are all equally as enthusiastic about aerospace as they are talented and will certainly make great contributions […]

2017 Brooke Owens Fellowship Summit – Michaela Spaulding

Have you ever met someone, and you could just tell in the first minutes of talking to them that someday they will be wildly successful? Whether it be in the way they carry themselves in the conversation, or the way they light up when they talk about what they’re passionate about. Well, that happened to […]

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Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. For some it was science fiction; for others it was the first time they gazed to the stars and wondered. Whatever motivates your love of space, we look carefully for that passion in everyone we bring into our organization.

How to Apply

Generation Orbit is looking for motivated men and women with a passion for space to join our growing team. Are you an entrepreneur at heart interested in making a difference in the rapidly growing NewSpace industry? Do you have what it takes to meet the demands and challenges of a startup environment? We’re searching for you!

Email your resume and cover letter to jobs@generationorbit.com. Please specify the position you are applying to in the subject line of your email.
Due to the nature of our work we can only hire US citizens and Permanent Residents.